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De bono coniugali de sancta virginitate

But each has a different gift from God, one having one kind, and another a different kind.
Recent studies conrm the claim of Ambrose that the six Vestal virgins at Rome were not necessarily virgins (they may earlier have been wives that they retired after thirty years rather than pledged lifelong commitment, and that the duties were undertaken more from family ambition.
E., Law and Family in Late Antiquity: Constantine's Legislation on Marriage (Oxford, 1995).Such a comparison at a time of trial could indicate that the married person would be more intrepid in the face of torture.Many of the Greek Fathers offered widely-ranging interpretations of the scriptural exhortations on marriage and virginity, but Augustine at this stage of his life did not read Greek uently, so such inuence as they exercised upon him came obliquely through the mediation of others.15 More.Whereas in the Old Testament the need for children justied polygamy if the rst wife consented, that situation no longer applies.Atque ita frangitur des quae in rebus etiam corporeis et abiectis magnum animi bonum est; et ideo eam saluti quoque corporali, qua etiam uita ista continetur, certum est debere praeponi.62 Etsi enim exigua palea prae multo auro paene res nulla est, des tamen cum.Pride and its daughter envy are the foes of charity.For unsuitable virgins in convents, De bono coniugali XII 14, xxiii.Witness the Introduction to the translation of De bono coniugali in The Library of the Fathers (1847 The Editors are of course aware of the danger there is in reading a treatise like the following in a spirit of idle curiosity, and they beg any.In this way that delity is shattered which even in material and sordid things is a great good of the spirit.
The bride could legally be as young as twelve, and in senatorial families 7 For the condence in an adequate future progeny in the Church, see De bono coniugali.Paredi, Saint Ambrose, His Life and Times,.Xi., cited by Bonner, Cambridge History of The Bible,.Nunc uero in bono licet annoso coniugio, etsi emarcuit ardor aetatis inter masculum et feminam, uiget tamen ordo caritatis inter maritum et uxorem, qui quanto meliores sunt tanto maturius a commixtione carnis suae pari consensu se continere coeperunt, non ut necessitatis esset postea non posse.The models of humility already"d, the tax-collector and the centurion, and also Zacchaeus and Mary Magdalen, must look to him to learn humility.It is the same with a woman if she has been unfaithful in her marriage, but keeps faith with her adulterer.If numerical growth were regarded as equally important as virginity, it would be more feasible to purchase pagan slaves to turn into Christians!9 (The Latin citation is from the rst of these Cyprian, De habitu uirginum 33, is echoed at De sancta uirginitate xxvi.It is doubtless for this reason that these treatises have until recently been so little translated or read.The nal"tion is from Brown, The Body and Society,.See Rist, Augustine, 246ff.;.