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Extra slots don't starve

Nobody Touches the Hair radio 10 sloto : Some of his newer"s show that he is quite touchy about his hair.
Skippable Boss : You don't need to fight it to get its drops.
Permanently Missable Content : Thankfully adverted: if Glommer dies a new flower and a new creature will spawn near to its statue (or its remains) during the next full moon.Touch of Death : Some of his"s reveal that his soul absorption ability activates through touch.Visible Silence : His character profile's" in the character select menu.The Jester : He speaks in rhyme most of the time, he thinks fighting is a game, he is still learning about human costumes, but he appears to know more about the Constant and its magic of what he lets transpire.With these little clues you know that something is bound to happen if you somehow bring in there all the missing pieces to repair the sculptures.She then proceeds to free Wilson ( and beat the crap out of him ) and take control of the Nightmare Throne.They usually lurk beneath the ground, with only their stalked, luminescent lure visible in the darkness of the caves." Those shadow things are so convincing they almost scare me, and I'm part of the act!" Charlie, an excerpt from her letter to Maxwell from this page.An extraordinary claim, we might say.Permanently Missable Content : He normally won't steal things that can only be found once per world, like the Things or the Eye Bone, but if they're in a backpack, he can steal the backpack.
And I Must Scream : He's been trapped on the Nightmare Throne (which looks pretty uncomfortable, as Wilson points out) in a pitch-black, hellish realm for "an eternity".
Most of her"s consist of descriptions, definitions and such that could've been read from a book.
Open/close all folders, introduced in the main game, wilson Percival Higgsbury "I will conquer it all with the power of my mind!".Hair Decorations : She wears a red flower on the side of her head along with another pair to hold her pig tails on the back of her head.Easily Forgiven : In Don't Starve Together, some of the characters are on good terms with Maxwell, even if he is the reason they're trapped in this world.No, there's no time for pleasantries!You dare return to the Forge?" The person in charge of the Forge, Pugna rules the realm with absolute authority.Now that is a strong claim."I'm digging this fancy shovel." Surfer Chick : She's a Hawaiian surfer.

Anime Hair : His hair (along with his clothing) makes him look like he came from a Tim Burton movie.
Maxwell summoned "Them" after delving too much into dark magic for his performances, which led to him and Charlie being stranded in this world, while Charlie was turned into a monster and later a host for "Them" to act through after she took the Nightmare.