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Limit holdem winrate

I want to videos de poker zombies play casual this variation, and i'm really curious if it's possible to make some money too.
Winrate at manolita lotería high stakes of Limit Holdem is about 1 BB/100 (2 big blinds at 100 hands.
Feruell replies: When fish jumps and switches tables it is OK for everyone to reserve and block good seats beforehand.
He is strong, but there are lots of players with the same skill.Posted by, i was wondering what are some winrates for fixed limit games (micro/small stakes) that are considered good.Despite all the irreversibility and strictness of punishment, Feruell got his right to play at PokerStars back.Ive noticed that all-known feruell (ThrCnBeOnly1 on 888 poker) avoids posting blinds.And now we have this thread in the end of March 2016 where the mysterious player gets old accusations in the other room.If Feruell wont use this tricks, he will not be able to adequately compete with the existing field at this stakes.For example, when the table is full, some players have an opportunity to play hands in position for free, or when bargeman456 loses stack, table goes sit out.Why everyone blames me with such behavior of everyone else?Be the first to add a comment.There are also various forms of angle shooting in practice.Sure, there are several additional factors (style of the fishes play and so on but the message is the same it increases winrate significantly.
3-4 seats at the table where fish goes are occupied before he takes the place.They just dont care.Soulless chips trade, pure competition with no conscience involved.However, should they took me away from the fish with their dirty tricks and the game falls apart every 5 minutes or so, I do what useful for.Someone might think this is insignificant, phew, couple of blinds.Thats why there are scripters.Necessary Evil, topic starter claims the following: Id like to talk to all the players at 888 poker.And so it happened.Stars sent Feruell a warning should he continue breaking the rules, he will imminently receive permanent ban.However, no Russian top regulars were accused of buttoning (with rare exceptions).Avoiding blinds helps increasing winrate by multiple times)!Therefore, there are lots of situations where button is random.Wolf blames wolf, this situation might seem the following for the outside look: they havent found the one to blame and they have their sins as well.Now I have permanent ban.Finally, the comment of one of the live poker players: Well, suspicious dealers at gaming flats, funny players from the East screaming: Why the fudge would you check-raise into me?

Usually I am the strongest of one of the strongest players at the table and play with pleasure.
Marked cards by several players with various marks, playing for air with locals getting chips they havent paid for with hopeless search for money should an outsider fish win all this pales in comparison with the honesty of online guys.