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Ukipt season 4 started off with Ludovich Geilich winning in Marbella, he finished off with a final table in ukipt Isle of Man, and 21st in ukipt London, back to bono social fenosa solicitar back top 2 finishes, neither for huge amounts of cash, but testament to the fact.
The people who play the game the right way, approach it like a business, who know their ROI and hit it at a consistent level over the long term, the increase in rake fees the removal of promotions bonuses represents a massive pay cut for.I set out to organise another day out like this at the Isle of Man and cheekily asked the people I knew who manage and run the ukipt if theyd be interested in putting up a small prize for the winner and seeing if any.Regards, Dave, pokerStars Game Integrity Team, pokerStars Zoom Hand # : Omaha Pot Limit (1/2) - 2015/08/05 23:10:19.Being that youre in early position, you try your best to donk it up hard, so you check.Do you smooth call?The management, the TDs, the admin staff, the dealers, just brilliant, I cannot praise them highly enough. .But before I get into that, Ill say what I want to say about these trips because it is important.In the 2nd visit to Marbella this season, where Id turned my poker trip into part poker, part holiday, Id arranged with a few other players to have a day out Go Karting. .PokerStars approach seems to be to squeeze more and more out of the game for themselves leaving less and less in the poker economy for the players. .
This line is stolen but I liked it a lot, anyone can go on a heater and go deep in a few tourneys or even win a few of them, but to have been so consistent over a season of 80 or 90 tourneys, main.Thirdly, has this happened to anyone else before?As much as it pains me to say, he is faster than me in a go kart. .Playing on PokerStars and/or Full Tilt during this time will cause any such account to be closed and the funds therein confiscated.Most whod expressed an interest ended up hungover and unwell so couldnt make it, but the few who did had a great day out.We have a fantastic day, although again, the numbers were reduced as many of the players I know who were interested in coming along had made it into the last 20 of the main. .They ended up handling the booking, putting on a free bus to transport players to and from the karting venue and the small prize for a winner grew into an entry to ukipt London worth 770. .I assume they have conducted market research that shows although they will lose a percentage of players, the majority of recreational players will continue to play oblivious to this profit creep. .It feels like a very dark day for our industry/our sport/our fun.

But its important to remember, the public facing staff members of PokerStars, these are not the people who came up with these changes, and its important we dont direct our anger towards them. .